Before you go

Tamara-ji, beloved guide, my partner in this brief cataclysmic adventure:

No music, no movement, no concatenation of word and image can capture how you have elevated me.  I honor you, gentle soul, whose expansive heart and deft mind has helped illuminate my path.

I’ve learned this now: there are, scattered about this earth, safe and humble teachers, and we who pause to honor them only do what love and gratitude compels us to do.  Some show their love with service; while in this case intelligent propriety prevents me from doing the same, I would if I could–and I do, in the houses of my heart.

The things I would do:

Paint your house

Carry your water

Charge your phone

Wash your feet

Anoint your forehead

File your paperwork

Serve you a meal

Tie your shoe

Salt your food

Wash your car

Weed your garden

Fold every one of your lovely scarves

And buff those kick-ass boots.


And I would bless you with my heart and hand

As you leave our room, a benediction

So that all your days are filled with life

Your shadows sharp in endless light

And all your pain has purpose.


Whatever number marks my days in this life is made infinitesimal by the forever that holds you in my heart.  Thank you.  I love you.


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